Oxygen Concentrator – Is It Producing Oxygen? How Do I Take a look at and Analyze O2 Ranges?

First, I wish to take a second to debate what an oxygen concentrator is and provides a fundamental clarification of how one works. An oxygen concentrator is a machine that strips nitrogen from the air and concentrates the oxygen. Regular ambient air is about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen; the opposite 1% consisting of hint gases like carbon dioxide, helium, and so forth. Due to this dynamic, by eradicating the nitrogen from the air, it’s potential to pay attention oxygen as a lot as 97%. Oxygen concentrators use a easy adsorption course of utilizing a typical media referred to as zeolite. In easiest phrases, as air passes by way of an oxygen concentrator the nitrogen will get briefly caught or adsorbed by the zeolite and the oxygen passes by way of; concentrating the oxygen Oxygen concentrator B094116WW4.

So now we’ve got a fundamental understanding of what an oxygen concentrator is and what it does, however how do we all know whether it is working correctly, how will we check it, and why is that this so vital? Let’s first check out why that is so vital!

Why is testing an oxygen concentrator so vital?

Before everything, as a result of it’s the distinction between receiving remedy and never receiving remedy. Whether or not you’re the affected person otherwise you administer oxygen to a affected person, if it has been deemed vital that the affected person require supplemental oxygen, then high quality management strategies should be in place to make sure the affected person is definitely receiving one thing greater than air. In fact you might additionally use an oxygen tank for supplemental oxygen, nevertheless this may be expensive over the long run and fairly encumber some swapping out tanks. With an oxygen tank, if there’s circulation… then there’s oxygen. If the tank is stuffed with 100% oxygen below pressure, this previous assertion should be true. On the opposite hand, simply because you may have circulation… doesn’t imply you may have any greater than ambient air concentrations of oxygen when utilizing an oxygen concentrator. With out going to deep into why… the reader wants to know that oxygen concentrators should have inside pressure to ensure that the nitrogen adsorption course of to happen. Within the occasion that inside pressure is misplaced resulting from a foul gasket, cracked sieve bed, or an unsecured becoming, oxygen output ranges would stay unchanged above ambient air percentages. Right here is the kicker; oxygen is each odorless and colorless. Consequently, with out particular instruments to check the proportion of oxygen from a machine, it’s inconceivable for one to inform if they’re respiration 21% or 100% oxygen.