An Insight Into the Alibaba Group Stock Investment

Aliyun Investments, in the present scenario, is one of the prominent and leading providers of specialized services on the Aliyun Group. As one of the three major shareholders of the Alibaba group, it plans to invest in its core business activities into the successful development of the firm and its associated products. As part of the management strategy, Aliyun will also be looking forward to achieving a highly significant increase in the market cap of its main business segment. With this objective, Aliyun will be putting its investment into several high profile business segments such as the consumer electronics, high technology, hospitality and IT equipment industries.

At present, Aliyun, together with its subsidiary companies, has approximately $10.4 million worth of cash in hand. The major portion of the organization’s assets is invested in the consumer electronics industry with a view to developing technologically advanced electronic products for the end users. Another sector where the Aliyun Group holds an interest is the high technology sector, which is a major force in the Chinese economy. This is due to the fact that many Chinese companies rely heavily on research and development for the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technologies. Other areas in which the Group holds an interest include the hospitality and IT equipment industries.

The BABA Group has identified several strategic alternatives for its equity infusion into these businesses. The main objective of the diversification policy of the firm is to ensure that all of its investment options are closely related to each other and have as a minimum an overall similarity to the performance of the parent firm. In order to achieve this objective, the Aliyun Group seeks to raise funds from a diversified group of investors. As of the present, the following companies are involved in an arrangement with the Aliyun Group and are expected to benefit from Aliyun’s equity infusion into their companies:

This company is a Chinese company that manufactures and produces consumer electronics. The company was started by Lepton Holding Limited, and now its shares trade on the Pink Sheets. Lepton holds a number of consumer electronics products, including phones, televisions, LCD TVs, DVD players and digital cameras.

This is a major Chinese financial company and the largest public holding company in mainland China. The firm’s shares trade on the pink sheets and its shares are usually issued in shares of 100 million apiece. The firm’s revenue in the last year was around RMB 53 billion (approximate). Some of the products sold by the Aliyun Group are watches, shoes, fashion jewellery and consumer items.

This is a state-of-the-art Chinese firm that designs and manufactures consumer electronic goods. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of PCs in the world. The company’s shares trade on the pink sheets and it normally issues shares of common stock. Many of the Aliyun Group companies also deal in software development. As an investor in the Alibaba group you will also be involved in day-to-day operations and therefore will be able to monitor the company’s progress. You can check the income statement of BABA at before investing.